Welcome to From Basin St. to Birdland

by mikeconklinmusic


Louis Armstrong

With burgeoning era of Bebop during the 1940s, came somewhat of a backlash from older jazz fans and musicians. This resulted in what became known as the Dixieland Revival. Such musicians as Sidney Bechet began to record again and Louis Armstrong formed his All-Stars, returning to the small ensemble format of the New Orleans style. (As an aside, Armstrong recorded and performed with a big band format almost exclusively from 1929 to 1947!)

As Bebop, also known as Modern Jazz, was developing a following in Harlem and in midtown (52nd Street), clubs featuring Classical Hot Jazz (Dixieland) were opening: a club named Nick’s opening in Greenwich Village and guitarist, Eddie Condon opened a club as well in 1945.

Eddie Condon

Here’s a clip from 1946 where Eddie Condon discusses his feelings on Classic Hot Jazz:

This next excerpt, from 1959, is a swingin’ take on the standard China Boy by Eddie Condon’s All-Stars!

Here’s the lineup: Jimmy McPartland (trumpet), Bud Freeman (tenor sax), Pee Wee Russell (clarinet),  Gene Krupa (drums),  Eddie Condon (guitar),  Jack Teagarden (trombone), Joe Sullivan (piano), and Bobby Haggart (bass).

And we’re off!

So, the tune starts off with each player taking two bars as the announcer introduces the band. FYI: I LOVE Gene Krupa’s exuberance!

Once everyone is properly announced, the All-Stars do what they do best — kick it old school (Classic Hot Jazz, folks!)

A little bit of cheer for your Wednesday!