Long Live the Count!

by mikeconklinmusic

Count Basie (1904 – 1984)

Track: One O’Clock Jump

Line-up: Count Basie (piano); Buck Clayton (trumpet), Ed Lewis (trumpet); Bobby Moore (trumpet); Earle Warren (alto sax); Herschel Evans (clarinet, tenor sax); Lester Young (tenor sax); Freddie Green (guitar); Walter Page (bass); Jo Jones (drums); George Hunt; Dan Minor (trombone); Jack Washington (baritone sax).

Arranged by Eddie Durham & Buster Smith. Composed by Count Basie.

Recorded: New York, July 7, 1937

Available on: Ken Burns Jazz – Count Basie (Verve 314 549 090-2); Decca, the label under which Basie initially recorded the tune, is currently not issuing the original recording.

Count Basie and his band recorded “One O’clock Jump” on their first recording session for Decca Records on January 21, 1937. The tune was an instant success for Basie and the first for his band following their arrival in New York City from Kansas City.

Original Key: F Major
Form: 12-bar blues

What to listen for:

Basie starts the tune off with an 8-bar boogie-woogie introduction followed by a two-chorus solo. The rhythm section, known as the All-American Rhythm Section, provides support for Basie’s improvisation; you can hear Freddie Green comping steadily behind him. Tenor saxophonist, Lester Young blows over the changes for one chorus, while the trumpet section plays a syncopated riff underneath. Dan Minor trades choruses with Prez (Lester Young) and Buck Clayton. Basie enters with his idiomatic, sparse style one a short solo. The band enters at 2:10 and plays the tune out.